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What type of training is this? I don't want to get hurt... 

Great question! Although our roots are in HIIT (high-intensity interval training), our approach to exercise is far from that. Our training is strength-focused with an emphasis on functionality, because exercise should complement your life outside of the gym, not compete with it!

Our primary concern when you’re in our care is that you feel safe, confident, and fulfilled.While our group program is circuit-based, it is not the only thing we offer, and in fact is most likely not the right starting point for you. Our individualized approach bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

We start with a discovery call, and then if all goes well and you want to get started, more than likely you will begin with individual training sessions. In these sessions, you’re doing a program that is 100% customized to you and your goals, with the guidance of a don't worry about fitting into classes, learning a bunch of new movements at once, or getting hurt. 

If we think group training is appropriate for you based on your consultation, we will certainly recommend it, but it is not how 99% of people get started with us.  

Money is important to me - what's the investment to get started?

I’m a big fan of saving money myself, and know that receiving quality items or services that meet my needs are worth it! This is why we designed our program to make sense for you based on not only your goals and wants, but also address your needs and any limitations. Remember…your safety and confidence are priority #1, whether it’s your first day at PWR or day 467!Our process is customized for each person at the start, so the exact number of starting sessions really depends on what you’re looking for & how we might be able to help in the first place.

That’s exactly why we typically jump on the phone first to see what you’re looking for help with, what’s worked/not worked for you & talk through next steps if it makes sense to work together. You can schedule your free discovery call by clicking “get started now” below.

Do I need to go on a "diet" to be successful?

Absolutely not. We aren’t fans of “fad diets” or restrictive plans. You know the ones I’m talking about — the “cut everything you love out” plans that leave you feeling hangry and frustrated instead of satisfied and successful. The truth is, nutrition is incredibly personal – the best plan we’ve found is one that you’ll actually follow long term.

So rather than giving you some ridiculous fad diet that doesn’t actually help or teach you in the long run, we equip you with the basics: tools and information to be successful in a way that fits your specific lifestyle.

I'm a very busy person - how much time do I need to spend in the gym?

Look, we’re all busy these days. I hear you – and I unfortunately haven’t yet figured out the magic wand program that gets you in tip-top shape in 12 days or less, or magically zaps all the body fat off your frame in 30 seconds. Sorry!The simple fact is, you DO need to put in at least some effort to actually see consistent results.

The cool thing though, is you really only need to be in the gym 3-4 days a week for 60 min if you’re doing a specific & personalized program designed around your unique goals (what a coincidence…that’s exactly what we do with our clients!!). Your coach will also teach and provide you with “homework” (we promise it’s not as intense as school!) which will, when completed intentionally and consistently, enhance your progress in and out of the gym. Get in, get out, see results, be happy, live forever (no guarantees on that last one LOL!)

I hate working out/I don't know where to start/I'm not motivated/Help!!?

This one’s a juicy one… for starters, you probably wouldn’t be here, poking around, possibly looking for some outside help with your health & fitness goals if you were highly motivated yourself! It’s nothing to be ashamed of… remember that you’ve got a lot going on in your life & part of our job as your coach is to help re-ignite that internal fire so that you ARE motivated and disciplined to continue to come in and see results. 

Speaking of results, that’s one of the best ways to get & stay motivated. When you start seeing & feeling results, your brain chemistry actually changes. You become more motivated yourself to want to keep showing up & keep those results coming. That’s when motivation becomes discipline, and eventually part of your daily routine!

I don't want to drive 3 hours to get to the gym -- where are you located?

Me neither, This one’s pretty easy though the location info is just below this section of the page 👇

I have more questions! How do I talk to a human?

Hi there… I’m a human behind the words here, my name is Nicole. Nice to e-meet you! Your best bet is to click that Get Started Now button below to schedule a quick call with me. I’m excited to connect with you and see how we can help you from there! 

Talk soon,-Nicole


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